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How to Find the Best Essay Writing Services on the Internet

Being in college is hard enough without factoring in all the difficult and complicated essays, term papers and case studies that one is supposed to write. However, you should not let the essays get the best of you. If you have an extra pocket money that you have saved for yourself, you can pay for essays and get them done perfectly and in time.

The hardest part in buying essays online comes when you need to decide which among the plethora of essay writing services available you need to hire. As a rule of thumb, you should only pay for essay writing from companies that offer the absolute best services. Some of the factors you should consider when you pay for essays online include the price per page for the essay, the quality of the writers, and the delivery time of the essays.

Most importantly, make sure that you have read the reviews of essay writing companies before you make your order. This review article discusses the four essay writing companies that I pay for my essays. I hope that this information will prove more than useful to you:

Essay-on-Time.Com Essay Writing Service Picture


If you ever find the deadline for your essay ebbing away, you can always log into essay-on-time.com, and get the essay done in less than three hours. These are the folks I pay to write my essay numerous times, and they have never disappointed. The papers that I get from them are flawless, and where I found a point or two not in line with what I would have expected, the essay writers at Essay-on-Time.Com have always been obliging to offer revisions.

Whenever I need to pay essay writer to do my papers, Essay on Time has always been my first consideration. Their papers adhere to all the guidelines stipulated for academic papers. If you want it referenced in APA referencing style, that is what you get. If you need it in MLA style, that is what you get. If you ever need to pay essay writers who follow all instructions provided to the letter, Essay-on-time.com should be your preferred essay writers.

The pricing model at Essay on Time takes into consideration the fact that you are a student. Prices start at $19.90 only for a paper written by an MA writer and cuts off at $24.99 for a paper written by a PHD writer. As a new client, you also get a 20% discount coupon code on your first pay for essay writers. Interestingly, a paper written by a standard writer does not have much difference from one that has been developed by a premium writer.

There are also many free add-ons that one gets when they pay for essay writers on essay-on-time.com. Some of these benefits include free title pages, apendment page, bibliography and formatting. The company also has awesome customer service reps who are ready to listen to all your requests and forward them to their writers.

When you pay to write college essay, you are get preferential treatment. I really cannot recommend essay-on-time highly enough. These guys know what goes into developing awesome essays and term papers.

SuperiorPapers.Com Essay Writing Service Picture


Papers at SuperiorPaper.Com are just as the name suggests- superior. With fifteen years of experience under their portfolio, there is every reason why I trust Superior Papers. Whenever I pay someone to write essay, my grades have always reflect the commitment that the writers put into writing the papers. All the college papers that I have bought from Superior Paper have improved my average grade in college.

Apart from their many years in the academic writing field, SuperiorPapers also offer competitive prices that you might not find anywhere else. Papers start at $19.99, $21.99 and $24.99 for the standard, premium and platinum levels respectively. Papers with these prices typically have a delivery deadline of 8-10 days.

However, if you want to get your paper earlier, you can pay an additional amount to have the deadline brought to as close as three hours! I have ordered for papers that were delivered within 10 days and others that were delivered after 3 hours, and one thing stands out in the two papers. An urgent deadline does not translate to sacrificed quality at Superior Papers. All the papers have the highest quality of writing and grammar.

If you are a new client, you get 15% discount when you pay for writing an essay at Superior Papers. This discount goes a long way in keeping your costs down as you gauge the standard of paper that the writers will produce.

Along with the New Membership discount, every customer at Superior Paper is entitled to a set of free features including free title page, bibliography, formatting and outline. The total savings from the freebies amount to a cool $65.00! You will also find the level of customer support offered at superiorpapers.com impressive.

Whenever I pay to write my essay, I have always received VIP treatment via their Skype number, live chat and email. The customer support reps are kind and friendly and are available around the clock. What more could one ever ask for? If you are looking for someone to pay to do an essay, you won’t be wrong to hire the academic writers at Superior Papers. Give them a try.

Rushmyessay.com Essay Writing Service Picture

Rush My Essay

Rush My Essay (RME) takes the crown for being the most responsive academic writers I have ever dealt with. RME allows you to pay for an essay online and provides the most timely customer support. At any one particular time, Rush My Essay has a customer rep online and ready to answer all your order questions. The customer service is also reachable by telephone and email. Orders are completed way ahead of their stipulated deadlines, which gives one ample time to go through the papers and request for any necessary revisions. These guy are the best to pay for your research paper which need to be delivered urgently.

When it comes to quality, impressive does not do enough justice in describing the awesomeness of the papers that you get from RME. Every point is thoroughly researched and resonates with the professionalism of the writers. All essay papers at Rush My Essay are completed by native English writers whose grammar does not have any hints of a foreign accent.

Price is another important factor that you ought to consider when you pay essay writing services. Rush My Essay’s prices do not disappoint. They are affordable by all students regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. If I can afford to pay to write an essay, trust me you also can. Prices for essay papers start at $19.99 for one page of Standard Quality essays, $21.99 for a page of Premium Quality essays and $23.99 for a page of Platinum Quality Essays. The prices are adjusted according to the urgency with which you need your paper. Urgent papers are more expensive. If you want to keep the costs low, you would better order your papers well in advance.

Apart from the inexpensive pricing, Rush My Essays also offers discounts on all bulk orders. Orders between 15-20 pages are discounted at 5%. Orders between 51-100 pages are discounted at 10% while orders above 100 pages attract a discount of 15%. To make the best out of the discounts offered when you are paying for your college essays, aggregate the various papers you need written and order them as one paper.

BestEssays.com Essay Writing Service Picture


BestEssays.com are my chosen academic writers whenever I need to pay someone to do my essay. The company boosts of more than 700 highly qualified native English writers. All the writers hold qualifications that start at Master’s degrees and proceed all the way to PHD. From a personal experience, the writers at Best Essays provide work of admirable quality at the most reasonable prices.

Like many other academic writing companies that deliver high quality work, Best Essays.com start their services at $21.99 for a standard page that is to be delivered within 10 days. When you pay for an essay at this price, you are assured of a very professional paper that will lift your grades and leave your tutors impressed with your work.

This is unlike what you would get from other fake essay writing companies that let you pay for essay writing $9.95 for a page. You will also fall in love with the level of customer support offered by BestEssays.com. Their customer reps can be reached round the clock from an ideal live chat application on the website. The company also offers toll-free telephone numbers for customers in the US. The customer care department can also be reached via Skype.

One of the measures for a quality academic website company is the level of customer support offered, and BestEssays.com does not disappoint in this respect. If it is your first time to pay for essay online, I would recommend that you make your order from BestEssays.com.

Their transactions are completed using the secure Authorize.net platform. These protect you against many frauds that are prevalent online. The company also offers awesome discounts and freebies that are meant to keep your costs at an all-time student-friendly. These discounts are available to new as well as existing customers. There you have it.

My list of the best 4 essay writing services that allows you to pay for an essay online. Do you have any other essay writing service that you would recommend.

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10 Tips College Freshmen Should Know

Starting college on the right foot is a really important thing for any freshman to do. The first few weeks and months that you spend in your new environment can basically determine what kind of experience you are going to have for your years there, so you want to make as good a start as possible. Here are 10 of the best tips that college freshmen should know to make the most of their first year on campus.

  • Maintain a budget - make sure you do not overspend too quickly and end up having to sacrifice social time to save money later on in the school year. Stick to a sensible budget to manage your money and you will be just fine.
  • When packing, less is more - remember you are moving into a dorm that is going to be your primary residence and it will be smaller than your room at home. That means you cannot take every single childhood soft toy and little league trophy with you!
  • Be friendly - making a good first impression with your new class and roommates is absolutely vital, especially in the first few weeks of college when friendship groups begin to form and long lasting bonds are made.
  • Don't hide your stress - the worst thing you can do to combat your inevitable college stress and anxiety is keep it a secret. Instead, try to be proactive and combat it with things like yoga and even talking to your peers about your worries.
  • Keep a healthy diet - try to avoid that stereotype of the freshman 15! You don't have to eat unhealthily just because you are living in a dorm, make sensible decision about food and you will feel the benefits.
  • Consider Greek life - if you are worried about making friends in college, then joining a sorority or fraternity might be a good option for you. It gives an immediate community to be a part of.
  • Find cheap text books - the price of college text books can be extremely high if you buy brand new, so try to be savvy about it and shop around for second, third, even fourth hand versions of the books that you need for your classes!
  • Or even better, get them free - when you are searching for your text books before the semester starts, always be on the lookout for free e-book versions of certain publications. They are much more common that you might realise.
  • Utilize technology - don't just use technology for your personal and social media life. Make the most of organizational and education apps to help you get your college life together. You can schedule your studying and your extra curricular commitments in all in one pocket sized planner.
  • Don't beat yourself up - the transition from high school to college can be very difficult, both socially and academically. Don't be down on yourself if you happen to receive a bad grade for an assignment, you learn from your mistakes and try to improve for the next essay, it's not the end of the world!

10 Quick Tips About Home Study

Attending you college classes is not enough for your success in education. A major part of your studying happens on your own. You should read your lessons a few hours a day and also be able to write quality academic works. You can also use the "do my paper" or "do my essay" type of services if you need some professional help for your classes.

Here are some tips to cope with your home study. If you need some writing help, you might also choose to pay for an essay.

  • Study Effectively. Your success in college depends on whether you study properly. There are many effective ways to learn the new information.
  • Plan your studying according to the time of the day in which you are most efficient.
  • Find the right environment for studying. Some students prefer isolating themselves in their rooms and others feel better reading in the park.
  • Take your time to focus.
  • Take notes while you are reading.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Memorize Better. When one learns something, this new information is processed by the brain. Then, neural trace is formed and its enter the sensory memory first, and then - the Short Term Memory(STM), if you are concentrated enough. If your brain succeeds to process the information and adapt it correctly, then this information will go to theLong-term Memory(LTM).
  • Repetitions will help you study better. Repetition is actually the key to learning something efficiently. When you go over the text again and again, you have better chance to store it in your mind permanently.
  • Determine what type of learner you are.Learners can be divided into three basic types: Visual, Auditory and Haptic. Students are usually a combination of the three, but still one of the styles will be prevalent. You should understand what type of learner you are in order to study better.
  1. Visual Learners:

    For this type, studying is easier when graphic materials are used - tables, charts, maps, etc. These learners should make their own tables, drawings and graphs in order to memorize better.

  2. Auditory Learners:

    They memorize the best when they are able to hear the material. That is why, they have to read aloud, to talk to themselves about the important points or to listen to audio recordings of the material.

  3. Haptic Learners:

    These people just cannot stay still. They need to pace around the room, listen to TV or music playing as a background. Haptic learners get almost constantly distracted. They need to be involved in some physical activity while studying - riding an exercise bike, chewing gum, etc.

    • Revise regularly.
    • Pay for essays. No matter what type of learner you are, you have probably asked yourself "Couldn't just someone else do my paper or do my essay for me?" Many students pay for essays because they are not able to cope with their academic works. Especially if you are not a good writer, then why not pay for an essay? This is not prohibited by college policies and is such a convenience.

If the other tricks for coping with college studies are not efficient enough, you can always make your life easier by deciding to pay for an essay. This is a great way to cope with your academic tasks.

30 Motivational Quotes to Help Realize Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Everyone wants to be rich, have a stable income and be sure in future. We are going to work each day, earning money, buying things and are always thinking about opportunities.

However, when we are starting something new and planning to gain success at the definite time point, and it doesn't happen we are losing our hearts and the goal we have set seems to you not so realistic anymore.

We are striving to have a person, who will say to us: "Hey, keep trying. I have got everything I wanted, and you can!". The person who was successful enough to give you a great piece of advice and motivate you to keep trying. Even if you have never met such people, you can still use a wisdom of people who definitely achieved their goals, and motivate yourself to go forward.

Here are 30 motivational quotes which help realize your dreams:

  1. To begin, begin. (William Wordsworth)
  2. Know or listen to those who know. (Baltasar Gracian)
  3. It's always too early to quit. (Norman Vincent Peale)
  4. A will finds a way. (Orison S. Marden)
  5. Failure is success if we learn from it. (Malcolm Forbes)
  6. You always pass failure on your way to success. (Mickey Rooney)
  7. There is nothing impossible to him who will try. (Alexander the Great)
  8. Stay cool, and wait for opportunity. (Tibor Fische)
  9. If you can dream it, you can do it. (Walt Disney)
  10. It always seems impossible until it's done. (Nelson Mandela)
  11. Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds. (Gordon B. Hinckley)
  12. The road to success is always under construction. (Arnold Palmer)
  13. Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. (Bo Jackson)
  14. Never, never, never give up. (Winston Churchill)
  15. Every exit is an entry somewhere else. (Tom Stoppard)
  16. We aim above the mark to hit the mark. (Ralph Emerson)
  17. A goal is a dream with a deadline. (Napoleon Hill)
  18. Who seeks shall find. (Sophocles)
  19. One finds limits by pushing them. (Herbert Simon)
  20. To be a good loser is to learn how to win. (Carl Sandburg)
  21. The secret of success is sincerity. (Jean Giraudoux)
  22. The real secret of success is enthusiasm. (Walter Chrysler)
  23. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. (Bobby Unser)
  24. Out of difficulties grow miracles. (Jean de la Bruyere)
  25. I dwell in possibility. (Emily Dickinson)
  26. Whatever ought to be, can be. (James Rouse)
  27. Great hopes make great men. (Thomas Fuller)
  28. Belief creates the actual fact. (William James)
  29. Enthusiasm moves the world. (Arthur Balfour)
  30. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. (Charles R. Swindoll)

The 7 Things New College Students Don’t Know that Drive Professors Crazy

Being in college is quite different from being a high school student. You now have more freedom but it does not mean that you can do whatever you like. If you make your professors totally dislike you, you will have huge problems completing your courses. Here are 7 things that college professors consider quite unacceptable and drive them totally crazy.

  • Failing to follow the guidelines. If you have made bad impression to your professors because of not keeping the rules, this mightlead to lower grades. Your professors deserve your respect. But if you do not know that feeling at all, then at least try to hide this.You should not play on your phone or laptop while your professor is You are actually supposed to take notes and participate in discussions. But if you are not, at least do not show obviously that you are bored. Turn off your phone or at least the ringer and the other sounds. You would better leave your phone away from you. Do not text or answer calls while you are in class. If there is an emergency, leave the class room.
  • Do not complain to the professor that you are too busy to cope with your academic tasks. Everyone is busy but when you are in college, you are supposed to organize your time well enough to cope with everything.
  • Make sure that you have some computer literacy. At least you should know how to attach a file and write an e-mail.Most American colleges require from their students to use an online system. This is usually the way to check the campus email and to mail files to professors.
  • Stay informed.You are the one who should find all the information you need and ask for help if you cannot cope. Do not expect the professor to show you how to see the comments on a document or to remind you about a deadline. Always read your syllabus and consult with your classmates if necessary.
  • Do not be lazy or uninterested.When you are given the chance to do another draft or lab, you should take it. Also, be sure to visit your professor during office hours. This will be especially useful if you later decide to ask this professor for a recommendation. When you show your efforts during the class and after it, this will let the professor know that you care about the class.
  • Coming late to class, especially if you are more than 10 minutes late.You are now a grown-up and you are supposed to be able to organize your time. If you are terribly late, you should better stay out of the class this time. Also, do not go after the class to ask the professor what you have Your classmates may give you this information, ask them.
  • Do not forget to put your name on your assignments.Guessing whose assignment it is might be quite annoying for the professors, especially if more than one person forgot to write his or her name.

When you are in college, you have to start acting like an adult. Respect people around you, especially your teachers, and make sure to be organized and to follow the rules.

10 Life-Saving Tips They Didn’t Teach You at College Orientation

During college orientation week, you were obsessed with the goal to learn how to navigate through campus without getting lost several times a day. Everything was simply too overwhelming. The excitement, anxiety, and the fact that you were seeing too many new faces didn’t help much.

There is another problem: among all those things you didn’t manage to remember, there were things your guides didn’t even mention. That’s what we’re here for. Here are 10 life-saving tips you didn’t get at college orientation:

  1. Give yourself some time to make real friends Are you looking around feeling like you’re completely alone in the crowd? That happens to most freshmen. Don’t worry; you won’t be left alone throughout your years at campus. The right friends will come at the right time. At this point, it’s important to make connections without expecting too much from the people you meet. It will take some time before you find your real friends, who are going through the same struggles.
  2. You need to learn how to budget! Books, meals, beers, more books… you’ll have plenty of expenses, but a limited budget to deal with. Keep track of every dollar you spend. College will teach you how to be responsible with the way you spend your money.
  3. Organizations and clubs are great! If you’re looking for people with similar interests, then join a club or organization. This is one of the best ways to make real friends.
  4. Mind your own emotional and mental health You just left your home and the school where everyone used to know everyone. You’re in the middle of a crowd with faces you don’t recognize, and your teachers won’t wait too long before assigning the first papers. If you’re like most other freshmen, you already started doubting yourself. You’ll need to meditate, take some walks, and do your best to stay happy!
  5. Sleep, eat well, and exercise If you want to preserve your sanity throughout college, you’ll have to give priority to your health. Socializing and studying can come after that on your list.
  6. It takes time before you start understanding your teachers, but you’ll get used to them Some college professors like to use eloquent language and slang that’s specific for their profession. It will take a lot of effort for you to understand them. However, it’s important not to skip classes. You need to pay attention to every single word if you want to make your studies easier. You’ll start understanding their way of expression after some time. Moreover, you’ll improve your own vocabulary thanks to their lectures.
  7. Work on your writing skills! Your guides probably forgot to mention that you’ll all professors will require term papers, research papers, essays, reports, and several other types of academic content for their courses. Thus, it’s important to start working on your writing skills as soon as possible.
  8. Know how to protect your privacy! Living with roommates is not easy. They will go through your stuff, they will eat your food, and they won’t let you spend much time alone. You will need a strong character. When you notice they have crossed the line, you’ll need to have a serious talk.
  9. If you’re having doubts about your major, it’s okay to switch It’s also okay to drop some classes if you’re overwhelmed by the requirements or you simply don’t like what they are teaching. It’s always better to acknowledge your limitations than to keep studying something you don’t even like.
  10. Sometimes you’ll fail. That’s okay! No student is perfect. You won’t always achieve perfect scores on exams, you won’t complete all papers on time, you won’t manage to attend every single class, and you won’t know all the answers. You’re human after all. As long as you can put yourself back together, you’ll be fine.

Orientation week is a necessary part of your adaptation, but the guides don’t tell you everything you need to know. Hopefully, the 10 tips above will help you get a better perspective of a college freshman’s reality.